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Slow service excuse card?

I was at a Sheetz early in the morning and witnessed a conflict between a customer and the manager of the Training Sheetz in Harrisburg. It was about 1:30 AM, and the customer started complaining that his food wasn't cominng in on time; The manager was called and started to talk to the customer; the manager stated that the people making the sandwiches were new employees in training and had been training for all of one day, and were still very new at their jobs. The customer became angry and stated that the people standing here needed to get back to their jobs; The fact that he spoke for the whole group of us (without consulting us) and that he was so angry seemed to convey that maybe his boss would be angry with him for returning from lunch late.


The conflict ended with the manager stating that she would call security and the customer left.


Now it seems to me that if the customer had some way of reporting to their boss that unbeknownst to them they walked in and ordered a sandwich in the middle of a training store that the customer should have some way of telling their boss that the service was slow, and maybe the email/phone number of the manager at the Sheetz so that they could verify this, then this conflict could have been avoided.


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