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State college football weekends

State college is a cool place to live in, but like everyplace you live there is always a downfall. For state college, especially if you're a student who doesnt have time to get involved with the outside world, its football weekends. Always crowded and hard to get a bite to eat. There are times where I dont have time or the money to order delivery or cook or dine in, since it's all packed, so I got to sheetz. But the one I live 2 minutes away from, only ever has 3 or 4 employees working on this busy as hell weekend. Why not have more people on the schedule for the obviously busiest time? They have no problem having 7 people working on christmas but only 3 on football weekends? And they wonder why people get so mad when they cant get their food on time. This is the one on colonnade rd closest to the highway. Its ridiculous and I'm sure the employees would appreciate more help during these times.



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