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Stop wasting smoothies

I have been ordering the Greek Yogurt Smoothie Large with the Power Shake add on for $0.79 extra, but I am only getting 2/3rds of a scoop of the Power Shake because the rest is wasted when it is poured down the drain because the mixers are being over filled. Not only am I not getting the vitamins and supplements that I paid for, but your store is pouring its profits down a literal drain. To see how bad the problem is I asked an employee to pour what was left in the mixer after filling my cup, what they were about to wash away, into a small cup and it barely fit. Even if you do not care about giving me what I paid for, from your own point of view that means every time a customer buys a large smoothie, you are literally throwing away a small smoothie that is not being paid for because only the large smoothie was paid for and here you are also making enough for an additional small smoothie. If I was you, I'd be mad at the waste of the product at the very least. There are two solutions for this problem. You could let me buy the extra small cup, but you would still be throwing away profits on the others. Or you could just make sure the large smoothie fits in the large cup. I would rather get an almost full cup and 100% of the Nutrition Powder that I paid for than get a full cup and only a portion of the Power Shake Mix.


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