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Train your employees better!

The only reason I still go to Sheetz is for the convenience. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't bother because my orders are hardly ever right. Either they leave off something I asked for, or they put something on that I didn't ask for. Tonight I ordered a 12 inch sub because I was in the mood for something cold. What do I get? A warm toasted sub, despite the fact that I clicked no when asking if I wanted it toasted. It's also nowhere on my ticket, and I was the only one in there who ordered food, so the employee wasn't distracted by another order.


Another thing I've noticed is that when I order something fried, for example, employees will walk off and start making another persons order while my food finishes frying. However, once the beeper starts going off saying that the food is done, they don't stop what they're doing to go get it. Instead, they will finish making the other persons food first, and then they will get mine. This often leaves me with burnt food because they don't get it in time.


Please train your employees better on how to properly make orders and how to properly multitask!


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