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"We Love You" Employee Training

You guys have started a new campaign with a great attitude! I love your cool, quirky, positive marketing vibe. It really appeals to people like me. But from the experience I've seen at your stores this mentality is more in the marketing (and probably the hearts of the office employees) then in the workers on the front line. Your biggest asset and your biggest billboard are your employees! Yet I bare witness to disgruntled employees at Sheetz than I do disgruntled customers! It leaves me with the impression that you guys don't have this new culture as a requirement for hire. Your employees need to share your vision and passion for customer service. They need to love their job! You will find that a company that is clear to their employees strict about their beliefs hires and keeps employees with the same values. In most cases an employee doesn't love their job because they don't feel appreciated or they aren't really attributed to the success. Make your employees feel as loved as the marketing attempts to make the customers feel and you will have a great front-line!


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