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many things need changed

i've been in several sheetz old and new, most are similar to others. most sheetz drivers have a hard time getting in and out, i say maybe different intersections to make things easier, but i know you go what penndot allows.


some sheetz is way to small, and hard to get around then there is the one in altoona. that is big but i noticed a few things there like the restrooms seems small.


my sheetz card i use a lot and i do get hot dogs and i wouldn't mind a get so many and get two free. Have maybe a three for one hot dog day a month, maybe.


also the hoagies the cheese should be included instead of paying separate, when its like that i go without cheese.


and no matter where i get that Ice tea it taste terrible, yes i mean the newer kind you just got, it taste though very slightly better, but still can't stand the taste.


oh one more thing i noticed you took out the diet iced coffee that is your brand in the bottle, my dad liked it and i know if you brought it back he would still drink it, and as for starbucks he din't like it


yea in some stores there is separate restaurant parts, cash register needed there



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