sheetz express in the food court.

As you may be aware as of August 1st McDonalds will be leaving an already barron food court at the logan valley mall. This mall houses 30+ Retail chainz and businesses. The mall is a very very busy place at times. And me as manager in the mall i spend most of ny existence there. So i would like a place to eat with some variety (sheetz) i know youve tested as a concept before but this is a huge opportunity for you as well as the mall and the people with ina. Yes there are sheetz with in blocks of the mall. However sheetz is a convenience store and would be VERY convenient to have a "Sheetz Express" or a food only option in our food court. And what a vetter place to test this out than in our own backyard.... why not here... I've shared on facebook and have gotten a strong positive feedback. I wouldnt be taking the time to type this out on my smartphone on the way back from a business trip if i didnt think this would be a mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you, Brandon Rairie


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