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use of our meal tickets

Our company can only use one 6 dollar meal ticket at a time. We have been losing money to our employer per ticket because your system doesn't allow us to use more than one at a time like all other places do. If we want to get 18.00 worth of food we have to divide it in piles to equal 6.00. If it comes to 5.25 thats close enough for the cashier. But if we rang it up all together both your company and I would not lose money. Mc Donalds....Burger king....curlys pizza....the chinese restaurant all just add our tickets together and both parties make out. The sheets worker says its because they can only enter one ticket number at a time and no more. Can you fix this? It is such a hassle to use tickets there we often just go elsewhere. Help us to spend our multiple tickets without hassle!!!!!


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