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workers allowed to paint nails

I am a employee at store #492 and I am a young woman, i do understand why we're not allowed to have are nails painted etc, but we have to wash are hands every time we enter and exit the kitchen, plus I feel that we buy a tighter pair of gloves it would be perfect. Sheetz is a great place to work, but I love to express my fashion and just being allowed to have nail polish would be amazing! This year for my schools prom I will have to take off three days, one day to get my nails paints, one day to get ready for prom, and another to get the polish off so i don't have to be punished when i go into work, that's a lot to do plus my manager will have a short staff when i could work the other two days. Allowing us to just have polish will allow us to express ourselves around others.


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