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Update: THANK YOU for all of the great ideaz! We are always monitoring the ideas and will continue to look into getting as many as we can into our stores as quickly as possible. We are making progress on several ideas and are in detailed review or test of at least 63 and have implemented 39 of the ideas that came from you, our customers. We will try to update you as much as we can on some of the things we're doing behind the scenes. Please keep your ideaz coming to create the Sheetz of the Future with us!

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PA 422/724

The 724/Phoenixville exit of 422 (69JC+5P Kenilworth, Pennsylvania) just outside of Pottstown is a quickly developing area next to two busy highways. Especially with the closure of the 422 store in Exeter I know many people missing a Sheetz closer to Philadelphia. There is actually an empty lot (69FJ+R7 Kenilworth, Pennsylvania) that may be properly zoned directly across from a park as well. This is a rapidly expanding... more »


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New Services & Technology

Store Tablet Functionality

Employees should be able submit work orders via the tablet. The tablet has a built in camera and being able to use the camera for work orders could make the repair process more efficient. If something is broken instead of trying to describe it, a picture can be submitted with the order and now the techs know what needs to be ordered ahead of coming to the store.


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Gas & Fuel

Long Handle window washer

Follow Loves' lead and put 4 foot handles on the window washers/ squeegies at the gas pumps. I never realized how difficult it is to clean off my windshield with the standard 1 foot handled washers until I stopped at Loves for gas and saw that they put 4 foot handles on all their washers. Amazing what a difference it makes.


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