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New Services & Technology

Pumps not parking spaces

Please encourage gas patrons not to park their vehicles at the pump while they wait inside to pay for food. I understand some customers must pay for their fuel with cash and need to go inside, but it is very frustrating to watch someone order and wait for food while long lines exist at the pumps.


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Store Layout & Atmosphere

The Perfect Registers

I would love to see the registers centered in the middle of the store in an octagon shape eight around all eyes would be on the customer at all times. The employees would be in total control of the ultimate total customer focus. Simplify the lay out candy in the same isle , coffee in the same isle bread in the same isle so on and so on lay each store out the same so when you walk in sheetz no matter which one you will... more »


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Made-To-Go! Items

Bring Back the Old Meatball Subs with the great Roll and the way

I bought the old Meatball Sub with the great Roll and Sauce Steamed everyday for like 6 yrs straight then they changed everything. Please if you do one thing. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD WAY OF DOING YOUR SUBS :)


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