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Micro Brew Beer Subscription

I received an email today to complete a survey about subscriptions for hot dogs, coffee and fountain sodas. Why not go a step further and offer a micro brew beer subscription where you can get a mixed six pack per month and some swag from your distributor. You can have a monthly PA micro brew feature such as Troegs, New Trail, Old Forge Brewing, etc. It would be awesome!


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Cooler & Fountain Drinks

Sell Beer

Not the BMC swill and malt liquor 40's you have at the Altoona store. I'm talking REAL craft beer. There are lots of great local breweries in the area: Troegs, Victory, Weyerbacher, Sly Fox, Stoudt's, etc. But not only that. Sell the stuff that sees limited distribution in PA: Alesmith, Anchorage, Hair of the Dog, Half Acre, Pretty Things, Russian River, Stillwater, Spring House, etc etc.
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