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New Services & Technology

Apple Pay via the Sheetz App

I really love that the app allows you to pay for your online order with a credit card instead of only a gift card. Since your stores now accept Apple Pay, could you add this as a payment option in your iOS App? It would make ordering easier and more secure than transmitting or saving your actual card number.


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Other Product Ideas

Order coupon item from app

I have on a few occasions ordered the wrong item offered on your monthly digital coupons because I could not either read all of the description on the Sheetz app on my phone, or I could not find the right item on the in-store kiosks. What if when I choose to place the coupon "On my card" with my Sheetz app, that you then change the button on the coupon to read "Order this item" instead of "On your card"? It would make... more »


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Made-To-Go! Items

Bring Back the Old Meatball Subs with the great Roll and the way

I bought the old Meatball Sub with the great Roll and Sauce Steamed everyday for like 6 yrs straight then they changed everything. Please if you do one thing. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD WAY OF DOING YOUR SUBS :)


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