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Bring back 'Fluffed Nutter' donut

The Fluffer Nutter donut was awesome. Add it back to the Schweetz donut selections.

The Schweetz Cereal Schmonster just isn't cutting it. The hard, dry cereal on the top of the donut only cuts the roof of your mouth. Why cereal on a donut? Really?!? Even a Peanut Butter and Jelly filled donut would have been a better concept than a donut that is topped with a razor-like, crunchy cereal.

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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Candy bar drinks and cereal drinks

I like the idea of having different milkshakes made after candy bars. For example a kit Kat or Twix milkshake. Also milkshakes made after popular cereals. Maybe fruity pebbles, fruit loop, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and other various sweet cereals. The shakes could be topped with crushed pieces of the candy bar/cereal.


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Other Product Ideas

Cereal Bar

I think instead of ice cream, you guys would do great with a cereal bar- dispense favorite cereals (like you have for the topping bar of ice cream) into to-go sealable liquid tight containers and the add a milk dispenser (already have over at coffee) (also chocolate milk and almond for vegans!) Especially in college towns, you guys will do great with this and it's popular year around, unlike ice cream!


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