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Made-To-Order Menu

Dessert Sampler

Working for a Sheetz, shout out to #590, I love the idea of the appetizer samplers. It contains a variety of items to suit your taste buds and it's quick and easy. Now lets talk dessert. People love our Cinnapopperz and used to love our churros. I even had a customer on 10/4/17 ask if we still sold them. Anyways, now think about the idea of a dessert sampler. 3 cinnapoppers, and then 2 other other options which I was... more »


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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Flavored Frozen Hot Chocolate

Sheetz HQ​​ I picked up Frozen Hot Chocolate today, I bought 2 because they were on sale, now on the receipt it has vanilla as an ingredient and that one is good but I requested the other be mint instead and that one is great, like super great, and almost but not quite leaves you with a thin mint aftertaste. So my thought here is, can we have the screen option to add flavors to our Frozen Hot Chocolate?


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Cooler & Fountain Drinks

Galliker's Chocolate Milk

In Eastern PA you can find this at nearly every Sheetz store, but in Western PA it is very hard to find Galliker's Chocolate Milk at some of your stores. You have to either get rid of Schneider's Dairy products at those stores or carry them side-by-side with Galliker's.


Schneider's Chocolate Milk is horrible...let me buy Galliker's Chocolate Milk at your stores in Western PA!


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