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Self-Serve Coffee

Skim Milk For Self-Serve

I've noticed that many Sheetz are going to whole milk / french vanilla in the liquid dispensers, displacing the skim milk option. While I know there may not be a large need for skim, I feel like this should be at least a request-able option.

I was told the MTO skim is ordered based on MTO volume and so any self-serve use would through off the numbers. This means Sheetz is the only coffee place around where skim is... more »


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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Sheetz Specialty Coffee Spring Edition

Sheetz Spring Edition Coffee Cups will feature an all white spring pattern made by KenziGreenDesign. The spring pattern consists of tulips, petals, and chick - a - dees to celebrate the change of seasons. These limited edition coffee cups will entice customers and increase sales. Many of the most popular franchises in the food industry participate in limited edition items and it only makes sense for sheetz to hop on board... more »


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