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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Inside seating and college discount

To attract more business and cater to more people, Sheetz should add indoor seating and offer college students an additional 5% off food purchases. Our brand new Sheetz in Asheboro, NC has four outdoor tables... but due to the metal frame umbrella with holes embedded into it, it's impossible to eat outside unless it's a clear day.


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Made-To-Order Menu

MTO Pricing...

Why is McDonald's the number one fast food company? Real estate and the dollar menu. Your hot dogs sell like crazy but I'm better the burgers and burritos don't. You're telling me McDonald's can offer a $1 double cheese burger but you can offer an atomic cheese burger for under $6? Rather then capitalizing on more expensive new foods, find a way to cut the retail overhead of these products and get them closer $5 or under.... more »


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New Services & Technology

gas discount at the pump

Please fix the gas discount card that you swipe at the pump. since you switched to the my sheetz card I can no longer use it at the pump. I have been given different cards, called the number on the card, had the managers call the number, but nothing works. I always have to go inside to get the 3 cents off.


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