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Expand chain into Maryland and Virginia

I live in a near suburb of dc and I really enjoy sheetz but the closets one is 45 minutes away, sheetz is by far the best gas station chain and I think that sheetz would get even more business and popularity in md. Although there may be more competition sheets has the experience, the smarts, the ideas, and excellence to get through it I think sheets would work great in md and va


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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Expand Sheetz store #461 in Duncannon, PA (Rt. 322)

Sheetz store 461 in Duncannon, PA is in severe need of an expansion.
(1) This store is packed during rush hour and very hard to find parking.
(2) Trucks pulling long trailers are constantly pulling into the ONLY diesel pump at this location and blocking traffic to the pumps. This store needs a dedicated diesel pump area for trucks and long trailers that frequent Rt. 322. The farmland to the North of the store would... more »


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