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Made-To-Order Menu

Sheetz Flavor Injectionz

This is about MTO. I don't really work much in MTO but here's a shot. I know you can order sauces and they go on the thing. Let's take a hot dog for example. It's ordered with ketchup and nacho cheese. Instead of just simply putting the sauce on the hot dog (Where it's supposed to go), what if you could do something special, something that would stand out from other restaurants? This is where the Sheetz Flavor Injectionz... more »


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New Services & Technology

Guest Service and Hospitality

Sheetz should really launch a large-scale campaign to raise the bar of guest service and hospitality it's employees provide to its guests (not "customers"). While the execution may be a bit better than the old gas station down the street, there is a huge opportunity to improve it. Things like guest engagement, eye contact, smiling, friendly, genuine thank you and so on should be the basics. What can Sheetz employees... more »


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