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New Services & Technology

Add a Water Dispenser!

In the three Sheetz stores I go to, absolutely none of them have water as an option at the drink dispensers. The only options for me are to use the sink or the nasty water fountain.


I would love either a separate (filtered!) water dispenser or for water to be added at all of your drink stations. I get tired of having to bring in my own water or purchase a bottle every time I eat at Sheetz!


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Cooler & Fountain Drinks

Water button!

Maybe other stores have it, but I know at my store besides a sink or a water fountain there's no self-serve way to get water and I very much think there should be. Customers ask all the time and I always feel bad offering them sink water or a water fountain that doesn't fill their cup all the way. If not a button that adds to the fizz city machines, maybe invest in the nice water fountains that are built for water bottles?... more »


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Cooler & Fountain Drinks

Create Your Own Icee

I often find myself wanting to be creative at sheetz, which is inevitably suggested. How about at the self serve fountain drinks, there is a flavorless icee, that allows you to add your own flavor from the soda fountain? This idea will benefit all ages of customers.


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