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New Services & Technology


I think having a card reader attached to the mto. Order menu menu for our guest to insert a completely personlized. Mysheetz. Card into it to bring up previous orders. allergies(in case they order an item they can't eat by mistake....have there favorites listed...and favorite condiments listed and an option to repeat the order from there last visit...making the guest feel welcomed an individualize there exsperience.... more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

For Bagels: "Do you want this cut in half?"

On the menu if I order a regular sandwich, I get pop-up asking "do you want this cut in half?"....WHY CAN'T THAT BE ADDED TO BAGELS? The interface has been updated several times, yet this issue has still not been addressed. I've been complaining for nearly two years now. Why is this taking so long to implement? The function for the sandwich option simply needs to be added to the Shmagel!

Every time I have to verbally... more »


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