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Luigetta's Hoagies and Texas Hot Dogs

Please help Luigetta's Hoagies and Texas Hot Dogs expand outside of Altoona and become an excellent addition to your MTO options. I was born and raised in Altoona and they are my absolute favorite foods. I now live in Harrisburg and they have absolutely nothing like them here or anywhere else throughout my travels. Also, some Gardner's Peanut Butter Meltaways would be another great taste of home as well!


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Made-To-Order Menu

Wrap subs less tightly

I love the taste of your subs, over the taste of the sub place named for public transit, but your "packaging" of the sub could be improved, and the sandwich improved, if you used a looser paper wrap instead of the tight foil wrap you do use. As you wrap it now, the sub gets squeezed in size, and the tight foil wrap tends to make the bread soggy and mushy very quickly... If you wrapped them in a paper, more loosely,... more »


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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

More flavored syrups

While Sheetz has some interesting flavors (banana) for their specialty drinks, I feel the options are too few. The other night I wanted a cinnamon hot chocolate more than anything and assumed sheetz would be able to fulfill my desires only to be let down. I think some flavors that would be great to include would be: Cinnamon, coconut, toffee nut, dulce de leche, and orange.


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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Flavored Frozen Hot Chocolate

Sheetz HQ​​ I picked up Frozen Hot Chocolate today, I bought 2 because they were on sale, now on the receipt it has vanilla as an ingredient and that one is good but I requested the other be mint instead and that one is great, like super great, and almost but not quite leaves you with a thin mint aftertaste. So my thought here is, can we have the screen option to add flavors to our Frozen Hot Chocolate?


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