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Bring Back the Old Meatball Subs with the great Roll and the way

I bought the old Meatball Sub with the great Roll and Sauce Steamed everyday for like 6 yrs straight then they changed everything. Please if you do one thing. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD WAY OF DOING YOUR SUBS :)


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Be less of a hang-out spot for delinquents

I understand high school kids need a hangout and I understand they spend their $$ in your store.

...However, in the summer, your store at 1651 East Turkeyfoot Lake Rd in Green, Ohio is swarmed with high-schoolers outside on the picnic tables - mostly at night. It's cool that they hang out there and all, but...

Sometimes I want to stop in, but I don't because I don't want to deal with minors asking me on the way... more »


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