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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Lemon Freeze

I'm from Louisiana and there's an old snowcone stand that's been in my hometown for years and years called Mr. Snow and every summer my mom would take me by there to get a lemon freeze. So this idea popped into my head because I was super tempted to ask a sheetz employee to make me this

Y'all already have the soft serve vanilla ice cream and the lemon curd stuff that you use for the frozen lemonades.

If you blend those... more »


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Cooler & Fountain Drinks

The Easy to Chew Ice With the Air In It

There is one Sheetz location that has amazing ice. I love to eat ice. Someone told me it's because they put a lot of air in the ice. So I would absolutely love for ice at every Sheetz to be that easy to chew. It's like you bite into it and it just crunches and crushes right away and doesn't hurt my teeth. Yeah kinda odd but I'm sure everyone would like easier to chew ice, a lot of people chew on ice after they finish... more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

Ice Cream Menu

One of my favorite parts about the MTO menu is the drink section. I love the many different options there are for blended coffee drinks and fruit smoothies, but I think including a section for milkshakes would add an exciting twist to the menu, especially for the summer! People could choose their favorite base flavor and add things to mix in, such as M&Ms, peanuts, cookies, etc.


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Made-To-Order Menu


I think that Sheetz should have a MTO option for milkshakes like they have for coffee. Then people could get any flavor of ice cream they wanted in their milkshake and add things like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, or even Oreos and Snickers. I know that many people would love to be able to order milkshakes at Sheetz, and customizing them would be even better.


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