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New Services & Technology

Payment Process

Sheetz could truly benefit from installing machines that let you pay for your Made-To-Order orders at the ordering kiosks. It would be easier and a great way for customers that are just getting food to pay for their orders without having to stand in long lines with those that are getting gas or items that aren't on the Made-To-Order Menu. It would also ensure that your all customers get in and out in a timely fashion,... more »


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New Services & Technology

Insulated Pneumatic Tube Kiosks (as opposed to drive thru)

Little kiosks, where there's no gas, that have a MTO screen to order. This is a hybrid of the drive thru idea, Sonic, and your local PNC branch.

Basically, there would be a menu of items to order and be delivered via insulated, air-sealed pneumatic tubes. You can stay in your car to get your groceries, and it would be faster than having a drive thru where it's first in first out.

You'd need some sort of workaround... more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

Hold the salt!

Please ask when ordering fries or other item if you want salt! I got fries today and I swear they dumped the entire shaker on them. The fries were salted like they were dipped in a vat of sand, yes they were that gritty with salt! They tasted like they came from the ocean, salty to the point of being non eatable! Some people are on a low sodium diet and they would benefit from this. I am not on a low sodium diet, but... more »


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