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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

More flavored syrups

While Sheetz has some interesting flavors (banana) for their specialty drinks, I feel the options are too few. The other night I wanted a cinnamon hot chocolate more than anything and assumed sheetz would be able to fulfill my desires only to be let down. I think some flavors that would be great to include would be: Cinnamon, coconut, toffee nut, dulce de leche, and orange.


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New Services & Technology

Train your employees better!

The only reason I still go to Sheetz is for the convenience. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't bother because my orders are hardly ever right. Either they leave off something I asked for, or they put something on that I didn't ask for. Tonight I ordered a 12 inch sub because I was in the mood for something cold. What do I get? A warm toasted sub, despite the fact that I clicked no when asking if I wanted it toasted. It's... more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

Small salad options

I've been trying to start eating healthier, and I like your guyses salads and all the options you guys have. However the current and only size of the salad you guys have is huge
Can we see some small and maybe medium sized salad for people who just want maybe a snack or a smaller meal point of reference would be something along the lines of the pre-packaged salads at dominoes. Somthing along those sizes
Cuz to be honest... more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

Ice Cream Menu

One of my favorite parts about the MTO menu is the drink section. I love the many different options there are for blended coffee drinks and fruit smoothies, but I think including a section for milkshakes would add an exciting twist to the menu, especially for the summer! People could choose their favorite base flavor and add things to mix in, such as M&Ms, peanuts, cookies, etc.


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