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Food coursing

Can you please course the cold drinks more in time with hot food? There needs to be a way to prevent my cream from getting 59 degrees while it waits for it's fried food companion rung in on same ticket. I know it's a communication issue because lighting quick ice cream dude always looks at me funny when he calls my number and I hesitate to pick up my frozen drink to melt in my hand.


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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

Lemon Freeze

I'm from Louisiana and there's an old snowcone stand that's been in my hometown for years and years called Mr. Snow and every summer my mom would take me by there to get a lemon freeze. So this idea popped into my head because I was super tempted to ask a sheetz employee to make me this

Y'all already have the soft serve vanilla ice cream and the lemon curd stuff that you use for the frozen lemonades.

If you blend those... more »


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