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Cooler & Fountain Drinks

Galliker's Chocolate Milk

In Eastern PA you can find this at nearly every Sheetz store, but in Western PA it is very hard to find Galliker's Chocolate Milk at some of your stores. You have to either get rid of Schneider's Dairy products at those stores or carry them side-by-side with Galliker's.


Schneider's Chocolate Milk is horrible...let me buy Galliker's Chocolate Milk at your stores in Western PA!


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Cereal Bar

I think instead of ice cream, you guys would do great with a cereal bar- dispense favorite cereals (like you have for the topping bar of ice cream) into to-go sealable liquid tight containers and the add a milk dispenser (already have over at coffee) (also chocolate milk and almond for vegans!) Especially in college towns, you guys will do great with this and it's popular year around, unlike ice cream!


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