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Made-To-Order Menu

Changing Sheetz to a modern eatery

Need to remake an area for fountain drinks and bar area for fresh salad and make your own creation sandwiches with a roped off umbrella table area to eat at. Maybe a hot bar area also. More mixed drinks need to be added for summertime non alcoholic. Also varied music no replays if possible played in background but not so loud that you cannot hear each other speak.


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New Services & Technology

Modernize employees of Sheetz

Everyone is different but it is 2013 and a modernized age. Ages of tattoos and other body modifications. I say allow tattoos and other body art (within reason, no one wants a piercing in their food.) If a guy wants a beard make him keep it trimmed or wear a face net or both! I personally would love to see some artwork other than my own.


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