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New Services & Technology

Recycling Program

I think it would be amazing if there was some way to have a recycling program for all sheetz cups, wrappers, and most importantly, bags. I feel like we would also need an incentive to get people to recycle, whether it was 1 point for every item, or after 10 items you get a free drink or whatever! I find so many sheetz bags on the side of the roads as there are 4 sheetz around my house. I feel like this would be a great... more »


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New Services & Technology

Gas Points to Store Items

If you don't shop at the grocery store chain your points go you can convert those points to items in the store. For example 25 Points = A large Fountain Soda, 60 Points = MTO, etc.


I think most people end up shopping at Weis because that's Sheetz' partner but I think you could get additional people in there that prefer Wegman's, etc. just because they can then convert 150 points into a Magazine...


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Loyalty/Rewards Program

Points for Gifts & Gear

Perhaps we can create a way in which to use our points to purchase Sheetz gift cards or Gifts and Gear from the website. I'd love the Winter Set and being able to purchase and promote Sheetz via gifts to the family using my own points would be GREAT.

In addition to the Gifts side of it even being able to use our points of car washed would be great. Who doesn't enjoy a car wash through rainbow bubbles. 🙂

Thanks... more »


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