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Made-To-Order Menu

MTO Pricing...

Why is McDonald's the number one fast food company? Real estate and the dollar menu. Your hot dogs sell like crazy but I'm better the burgers and burritos don't. You're telling me McDonald's can offer a $1 double cheese burger but you can offer an atomic cheese burger for under $6? Rather then capitalizing on more expensive new foods, find a way to cut the retail overhead of these products and get them closer $5 or under.... more »


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Advertising & Promo

The Sheetz mugs and $.94 refill options

I think our sign for the Sheetz cups and refill option needs to be redesigned to be more colorful and noticable. The prices need to be out in the open and not just on a cup sticker. The display for the cups we sell may need to be re arranged as well. Customers arent noticing them. I have told several customers that come in every day and get a small coffee about our cups and our refill price and they have had no idea.... more »


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