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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Seating areas in every Sheetz

How do you make Sheetz feel more like a restaurant? Indoor seating areas. I've seen them at some Sheetz locations, but not all of them. Make them standard. I want to sit for a few minutes and calmly enjoy my Sheetz. Without tables, my next best option is to sit on the curb or in my car, which could get very messy and stressful.


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New Services & Technology

Convenience at the Coffeez

Set up small tables near the coffee machines. This will make it much easier for someone getting multiple cups of coffee to set them up in the carriers and take them to the check-out. I sometimes get 3 or 4 coffeez to take out for others and myself, and it is a struggle to keep from spilling the coffee while getting them from the large urns. Someplace to set them while filling the other cups would make it much easier... more »


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