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Cooler & Fountain Drinks

99 cent Arnold Palmers

I have noticed that Sheetz is the only place that sells Arnold Palmer cans for more than 99 cents. This is a travesty to all of us Arnold Palmer lovers. It is even more frustrating that the cans come with a 99 cent label printed on the bottle, so that tells me that Sheetz has to request to particularly have that left off so that they can sell them for more than 99 cents. That is just bad business.


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Made-To-Go! Items

Sheetz Tea Packets

You sell your coffee in bags and kcups but we need you to sell your tea! A lot of us request Sheetz tea to be prebottled in liter or gallon options but maybe to make it easier you can just sell 8/16ct packs of tea bags. The sweet tea/green sweet tea etc. They are great for everyday needs and even stocking stuffers :)


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