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Loyalty/Rewards Program

Bring back buy 10 get 1 free!

The new rewards program is pretty terrible. Bring back the best part of the old program, and run the two at once.

That way I can still buy 10 frozen mochas and get one free (free iced/frozen beverages don't appear to be part of the new program), or my wife can buy 10 6-inch subs and get one free (currently the only way to get one of those in the new program is by spending $150. REALLY?) and anyone who wants to participate... more »


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Loyalty/Rewards Program

Points for Gifts & Gear

Perhaps we can create a way in which to use our points to purchase Sheetz gift cards or Gifts and Gear from the website. I'd love the Winter Set and being able to purchase and promote Sheetz via gifts to the family using my own points would be GREAT.

In addition to the Gifts side of it even being able to use our points of car washed would be great. Who doesn't enjoy a car wash through rainbow bubbles. 🙂

Thanks... more »


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