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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Electronic Device Charging Stations (Indoor/Outdoors)

Sheetz with the option to Dine inside or outside should have where you sit to "shmunch"(aka Eating) an option to charge your electronic device, cell phone, lap top, ect. (Standard charging, USB ports, and or Andriod, Apple charging ports Ect...)

Outside where applicable for picnic areas with seating having a covered section of the picnic table allowing ports in a weather proof casing that is water proof, and insulated... more »


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New Services & Technology

WiFi and 3G/4G

Belle Vernon Sheetz has no cellphone reception. I completely lose signal in the food section and I get no data/dropped calls in the restaurant. I really like the design of the building with the exposed I-beams but it's not too expensive to throw in a 3G/4G repeater. Just an idea..


Signal's fine outside though.


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