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Train your employees better!

The only reason I still go to Sheetz is for the convenience. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't bother because my orders are hardly ever right. Either they leave off something I asked for, or they put something on that I didn't ask for. Tonight I ordered a 12 inch sub because I was in the mood for something cold. What do I get? A warm toasted sub, despite the fact that I clicked no when asking if I wanted it toasted. It's... more »


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Round up For The Kidz

I feel that an easier way to get people to donate would be to change (or add a button) to the POS that allows for rounding the bill to the nearest whole dollar and donating the change For The Kidz.

I've found much success asking people if they would rather round up instead of donating a dollar, and I know a lot of people would feel more comfortable having a button to push that rounds it up instead of doing the math to... more »


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New Services & Technology

Modernize employees of Sheetz

Everyone is different but it is 2013 and a modernized age. Ages of tattoos and other body modifications. I say allow tattoos and other body art (within reason, no one wants a piercing in their food.) If a guy wants a beard make him keep it trimmed or wear a face net or both! I personally would love to see some artwork other than my own.


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