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Building Community

Go Local

Your doughnuts are lame, it is the same thing over and over again. Get with the times and go local, In the Mentor Ohio area there are two great doughnuts shops, Biagios and Spudnuts. If you offer something local people will come. I cant drive the ten minutes to go to Biagios and Spudnuts is the next exit from where I get off the highway. Farm our something that the locals love and make it a one stop shop.
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Made-To-Order Menu

Buy Local

I couldn't actually find any information about where Sheetz gets all of the materials they use to make the MTO foods and whatnot, but if they don't already, I think they should move in the direction of buying locally. It keeps more money in the local economy, saves companies money through less required transportation, and gets the food to the customer faster and fresher.


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