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Specialty Coffee/Frozen Drinks

iced coffee trending idea

I am very disappointed that you do not have a regular iced coffee, which is so popular all over the country! Please get a no-frills, just regular brewed coffee that is cooled throughout the day, to be combined with liquid sugar and half & half, then shaken, when ordered; just like starbucks and mcdonalds. Then you will get a valued customer back.


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Made-To-Order Menu

Feingold Approved Menu

Many families follow the Feingold Diet for many reasons. Not many dining establishments have adopted this concept. If Americans are choosing to eat healthier, it only makes sense to have a menu that they can choose from that is Feingold approved. We have a right to choose what we put in our bodies and we exercise that right whenever we eat out. If you do not serve approved items, then we simply go somewhere else that... more »


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