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Made-To-Order Menu

MTO order screen and Payment at the pump

I would like to see MTO order screen at the pumps That way I could just tack my order on to my fuel payment.

This will reduce my wait time inside as my food can be prepared while I am still pumping gas. Also, I won't have to wait in the checkout line.

In addition to this there could be additional drinks added to the MTO menu at the pump so I can add a cooler drink to my order (Monster for example) so I can still... more »


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Other Experience Ideas

MTO Kitchen Store

It would nice to have a Sheetz MTO Kitchen store in an area where you can't put in a full store with gas pumps. IE: Downtown State College, PA. A Sheetz MTO Kitchen would be great to get food for breakfast, lunch, or supper or midnight snack. Also, with the convenience store side, it would be helpful to get a few items that you may need and don't want to drive to a box store to get.

I am sure there are other areas... more »


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New Services & Technology

Refuse American made gas unless they lower their prices

Thanks to supply and demand, the American refineries are raping their fellow Americans with the same prices, despite the fact that they don't have to ship it to America. Please refuse their gas unless they lower their prices to half what OPEC is screwing us for.


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