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Self-Serve Coffee

LIDS for Coffee placed NEXT to the COFFEE!!!

For the love of your customers, please stop making people walk through the ocean of people waiting for MTO food all the way across the store for a LID. Here's a great idea- put the LIDS for Coffee placed NEXT to the COFFEE!!! If we need to customize it, we'll take it back off and add things. Right now it is dangerous because in my area the floor is often covered with wet snow. Thank you! :)


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New Services & Technology

Gas Points to Store Items

If you don't shop at the grocery store chain your points go you can convert those points to items in the store. For example 25 Points = A large Fountain Soda, 60 Points = MTO, etc.


I think most people end up shopping at Weis because that's Sheetz' partner but I think you could get additional people in there that prefer Wegman's, etc. just because they can then convert 150 points into a Magazine...


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Other Product Ideas

More nutritious fish made to order and go food products

So, Sheetz. I have a question for you. I was looking at your nutrition labels and noticed that your fish products, such as your tuna salad sandwiches, has 300 - 400 more milligrams of sodium in it. Your burgers only have 200 - 220 milligrams of sodium in it. Likewise, I can't eat these products when the sodium levels are that ridiculously high. My only suggestion here is to bring out more fish products that has 300 or... more »


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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Gift shop

I think we should incorporate an area in every store that has sheets gift items. Just like the ones in the Sheets shop. This way you can get tons of impulse buys and also cater to the many out of towers that are traveling through. This is also a great way to get the "Sheets" name out there and promote our awesome stores.


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New location at I 85 & 15- 501(Durham) interception NEED IT.

Please open a Sheetz Store at this location or somewhere between I 85 and 15- 501 here in Durham we definetly need one at this part of the city will be very conveniece for us the dailly drivers because the one at Miami Blvd. is way too far the major highways. the perfect location is exit 176 at I 85 wich is DUKE st. close to all.


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