PA 422/724

The 724/Phoenixville exit of 422 (69JC+5P Kenilworth, Pennsylvania) just outside of Pottstown is a quickly developing area next to two busy highways. Especially with the closure of the 422 store in Exeter I know many people missing a Sheetz closer to Philadelphia. There is actually an empty lot (69FJ+R7 Kenilworth, Pennsylvania) that may be properly zoned directly across from a park as well. This is a rapidly expanding... more »


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New Services & Technology

Store Tablet Functionality

Employees should be able submit work orders via the tablet. The tablet has a built in camera and being able to use the camera for work orders could make the repair process more efficient. If something is broken instead of trying to describe it, a picture can be submitted with the order and now the techs know what needs to be ordered ahead of coming to the store.


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Gas & Fuel

Long Handle window washer

Follow Loves' lead and put 4 foot handles on the window washers/ squeegies at the gas pumps. I never realized how difficult it is to clean off my windshield with the standard 1 foot handled washers until I stopped at Loves for gas and saw that they put 4 foot handles on all their washers. Amazing what a difference it makes.


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