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Hot Dog Cart Style Hot Dog and Bun/Better Quality Ingredients trending idea

First I would like to say I live in North Carolina and have been to as many as 10 different Sheetz locations here alone. Sheetz is the greatest place on Earth and I want to make it better. As much as I love the hot dog menu, I can't say I love the quality. Often times I find fragments of what appear to be bone in my hot dog. The taste of the hot dog is also very poor compared to others.
I propose a hot dog cart style... more »


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Sheetz Toy Vehicles for Kids trending idea

My son loves trucks and the other day he shouted to me going down the highway, "Look, Mom, a Sheetz truck!". I would love to see a line of Sheetz toy vehicles (tractor trailers, Hummer, delivery vans). Ones that we see on the rode. If you remember the old Hess vehicles that were sold (maybe they are still sold) many years ago, those are the size I'm speaking of. For every Sheetz toy vehicle purchased part of the money... more »


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