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Employees & Interaction

No mask food worker trending idea

The cashiers are wearing masks, which I greatly appreciate but the food prep individuals are only wearing shields that are on hats that point out and the airflow from them goes directly down into the food they are prepping. They, above all, should be wearing masks to protect EVERY food purchasor that gets takeout. Thanks for addressing!


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Gas & Fuel

Diesel-Only Pumps desperately needed!! trending idea

Would it be possible to make at least one of the two end pumps diesel-only for folks hauling large trailers who cannot safely access any of the other pumps? This seems like it may be a simpler solution than installing stand-alone diesel pumps. If this could be done it would honestly mean the world to myself, my friends, and most likely everyone else who hauls large trailers with diesel vehicles.

We haul horses to shows... more »


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Made-To-Order Menu

Shlider Subz trending idea

Want a sub, but maybe can't eat it all at once? Looking for a smaller option, but with all the great sub taste? Try a Shlider Sub! Using only one-half the ingredients for a six inch sub, this can be made on a hot dog bun. This expands the options on the menu, gives an absolutely unique experience to the guest and lets the guest "sample" the full flavor of one of our standard offerings. This would not require any new products... more »


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New Services & Technology

Gas Prices

Why does the price of gas always go up 4, 6, or 10 cents at a time why can we move the price more often as opposed to jumps like that. I mean why does gas always have to end in 5 or 9 in my opinion it does. My other suggestion on this is if there is going to be a price increase why not give people a fair warning maybe raising the price like 2 cents and give people 4 or 5 hours to try to save a few dollars. Any my final... more »


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New Services & Technology

Allowing customers to benefit from our own demographics

I certainly agree that the MTO terminals should have input capability to allow customers 'recall' their favorite orders. But, I think you can also add more.

First, customers could have the opportunity to have their names printed on their MTO receipt instead of a very impersonal number. When your order is ready, the MTO chef will CALL YOUR NAME! [Very personal. Very powerful. If people DON'T want their name to be called,... more »


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