New Services & Technology

Expansion of MySheetz Card use

I think it would be cool to allow customers to scan or swipe their MySheetz card at an order monitor/computer. From doing so they could view favorites, their food/drink credits, and the current promotions. Every time you swipe/scan your card and select a food or drink, the system would record it and if you constantly order that item, it would become a favorite. The recording of favorites would allow for easy and fast... more »


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Store Layout & Atmosphere

Drive Through MTO

Have a drive through touch menu and window on the outside of the building. It can run the same system and kitchen with possibly a condensed menu if needed. It would open up traffic on the inside and save time especially with breakfast items. You could even include specific store items such as RedBull or candy.


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Made-To-Order Menu

Veggie Burgers!

Being a vegetarian, there are not many options on the MTO menu besides a cheese sub or veggie sub to choose from. Many popular food chains have taken notice to the non-meat eaters and started serving veggie burgers (Burger King) and Veggie Patties (Subway). With the new craze of everyone trying to eat healthier, serving a veggie patty as an MTO option would allow vegetarians or anyone looking for a healthier option to... more »


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New Services & Technology

Sheets goes biodegradable

I was in class a few days ago and it was all about recycling and environmental friendly items and ideas. I always see Sheetz bags, cups, etc. on the side of the road going up to school. The entire road is sided by trees and I hate seeing things caught up in them. If Sheetz went biodegradable I think it would make a world of difference.
Also, multiple customers have complained about having to carry multiple items to... more »


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